Online Casino in CanadaCanada as well features big casinos online. The casinos feature numerous range of many games which the players can enjoy. The games have both mobile and desktop version for each Canadian casino Online giving the players a chance to play on any device.

The Welcome Bonus also is offered at the casinos. Once a new player makes a small deposit of $5, they get 100 spins for free on a slot game called Mega Motorola. This makes among the good deals especially for new comers and it’s for this reason that most players are preferring to play here.

Once a new player registers and gets an account, they are enrolled automatically to a loyalty program called Casino VIP Rewards. Under this program, you can collect bonuses as you play which come up then earn points as you play. These points can later be redeemed as credits or chips in the respective Canadian Casino Online.

Top reasons as to why you should prefer online playing than offline playing

For new players in Canada may be questioning where there are some reasons for recommending online but not offline playing. There are good reasons and some are listed below:


Canadian CasinoLiving can be anywhere any part of the country but then casinos which are land-based may not be at reach. Gambling online has convenience as the main benefit. You only need to get the mouse and make few clicks on the tablet or phone and you sign up for an account. Deposit cash on the account then begin game play.
Online casinos do not need you to dress up, get frozen by the cold or suffer any other negative aspect associated with casinos which are land-based. Although casinos which are land-based are the same with online casinos, the convenience differs.

Better odds

Every player plays expecting to get better returns. The players also want to play for some time then have with them better odds which count for winning possibilities despite of the games they are playing. Online playing offers better winning odds as well as returns as compared to traditional casinos which are land-based. The reason behind this is because land-based casinos always have quite higher overhead operation cost compared to the casinos online. Gambling sites online are quite nimble requiring lesser costs and people for running. For this reason online casinos operators have the capability of providing better odds for winning and higher returns to its players.

Promotions and bonuses

Online CasinoOnline casinos are quite unique from the type of promotions and bonuses they offer. For traditional casinos which are land-based, players would get rewards such as free drinks, room comps or rather any other non-monetary reward. With casinos online players are provided with rewards such as spins for free, credits or cash and other bonuses similar to these. The online bonuses also improve the player’s bankroll such that the player can enjoy game play for quite longer period. Online casinos tend to provide bonuses of different types with some quite higher rewarding as compared to others. The sites feature rewards of better options as they have minimal wagering requirements which may restrict wins hence better winning value.

Which currency is acceptable at Canadian Casino Online?

For Casinos in Canada they accept the international currencies which are well-known. There are very minimal existent US-based operations online and the majority of the operations although take Canadian dollar as the payment mode. For any casino online which is based in Nevada any currency form is well accepted.

However, despite of the general currency acceptance, the casino’s size also determines the number of currencies which the casino accepts. For international operators operating outlets globally or else which are under certain international teams sponsorship, they tend to accept any form of currency even the Yuan for Chinese. The casino finds ways in which such cash will be accepted if a player deposits it. Casinos which are powered by Micro-gaming which are most in Europe accept currencies made deposit of in the Continent.
Canadian dollar sadly cannot be accepted in the players at the southern region of Canada. A research is in need to be conducted to establish an outlet which will accept payments using the Canadian dollars.

However, most casinos online if the deposit is made in non-Canadian dollars, it accepts then calculates CAD on basis of exchange rate. The exchange rates used are quite more reasonable as compared to averages posted worldwide daily.

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